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Mobile Apps

We are already building mobile Apps with the new PWA Technology   but can still build Native Apps on Apple and Android if required.


We can build your website in any code, but focus on WordPress due to the ease of use for our clients. For a online shop, we use Woocommerce.


We provide world clas email and website hosting to all South Africans. No hidden cost or limits, just unlimited hosting with a FREE SSL.


We focus on SoLoMo marketing for our business clients, as we believe the best marketing is where you talk to your clients directly.

Stop Fighting Change

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on learning and embracing the New.

Business Longevity

Longevity in todays business world is about the ability to reinvent yourself or your marketing to exist in the future.

Embrace Your Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team focusing on the same goals.

About FSB Group

The FSB Group believes each spesific part of your business needs a professional for each aspect of your business, rather than be a Jack of all trades and master of none.

We are currently a team of 45 Developers and Marketing agents, pulling our resources together under one roof to bring you the best.

We will provide you with one contact person for your projects, but each part of the project is handled by a Master for the spesific part of the project.

Why is the FSB Group’s prices so good: You don’t pay the salaries of all 45 people. Teams only earn money on projects they are working on, and that is why we can provide you with unbelievable prices. 

What Customers Are Saying

“Your always get more than what you pay for. You go to  them for a website, and get FREE marketing advice for your product or service. The team really goes out of their way to make your product the best, and they make changes until you are happy. No limitations of 3 or 4 revisions and then you have to pay more if you are still not happy.”

“Understanding direct marketing via mobile phones, is still a new concept to me. It took me about 3 weeks to get the full understanding, but now I’m saving more than R2,000 per month on flyers and sms’ I had to send out, to reach new and existing clients. Now all this is done for me for only R999 per month, and I’m a preferred business in my area, working with a Network of Business to grow our clientele together”

“Its seems like the FSB Group don’t have fixed working hours. Whenever you phone, early mornings before 8, after hours, Saturdays or Sundays, they are always willing to help and give advice”

“I was very sceptical about the new PWA App’s, but was assured, that if it was not what I wanted, they will build a Native Apple and Android App for me for no extra charge. The PWA App cost me almost 45% less, and was done in more than half the time, with a lot more feutures than I was expected. The best part is, users can use my App on their Desktops and Mobiles”

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