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SoLoMo marketing has leveled the playingfield between the small local businesses and the Coporates Business overwelming them.

From as little as R499 per month, your business can be visible to thousands of local mobile users all arround your business.

If your business cannot be found on a Mobile Local search, you are loosing a potential client to your competitors every 5 min.


Be Visible to thousands of Mobile users from only R499 per month.

Interactive Mobile Business Directories

Why Should You Start With SoLoMo Marketing Today?

  • 98% Of your clientele have smartphones
  • 99% of all info searches are done on their phones
  • 99% will interact with businesses direcly from their phones to make contact, place orders or purchase goods.
  • You can have direct access to your clients via their mobile phones 24/7/365
  • Why spend money on print media, if you can send unlimited messages to your clients per month from only R499
  • If you still advertise in local print directories, think of the last time you have used it. Your clients will most likely have even used it less, as you have checked if your adverts was in it.


Our SoLoMo Options

  • Do you have a Website?
  • Is your website Mobile Friendly?
  • Is your website up to date?
  • Is your business listed on Google?
  • Do you have any Social Media Accounts?
  • Are you actively engaging your social media platforms?
  • Your business needs a web pressence, even if its juts a one page website with some of your products or services.
  • This will also provide your business with a business e-mail account.
  • Your website also needs to be mobile friendly. Users don’t like to zoom in and out when they are on websites on their mobiles.
  • Google will also no longer show your website under searches if its not mobile friendly.
  • To get your first webiste will cost you R1499 for a 1 pager with everything included to start your business with for the 1st year.


If you do not have a lot of money to spend on SEO marketing, listing your business on social media accounts will boost your rankings by default.

We create the following accounts for you:

  • Facebook page for your business
  • If possible, a Youtube account
  • Instagram account
  • Twitter Account
  • Linkedin

Business will get clients from 2 sources

  1. 90% Of local businesses will get 95% of their clients from within in 20 km radius.
  2. A niche market business (Camping, 4×4, etc) will get their clients in spesific groups or networks, as these followings are becoming stronger by the day

We make sure that your business is:

  • Visibile to mobile users in your 20km radius or niche market.
  • Visible to social media groups.
  • Have an active visibility without spamming. Users block spammers very easily.
  • Make use of your current clientele to become your brand ambassadors.

Making Businesses More Visible On Mobiles Since 2012

We have started with our first Mobile Business Directory in 2012, and have developed our platform through best practises and client feedback, to ensure every business gets the best there is to offer in one product.

Our Pricing Options

Once-off Setup

Price can be calculated on what needs to be done. 

  • Basic Website
    • R1,499
  • Google Business Setup 
    • R550
  • Social Media Setup
    • R750
  • SoLoMo Marketing Strategy
    • R1,000


Bronze – DIY

R499 p/m

  • We list your business on a Local Mobile Directory.
  • You get your own admin panel to upload unlimited specials, events, articles and products.
  • Call centre help available.



R999 p/m

  • Get your own social media admin assistant for only R500 more per month.
  • Everything in Bronze.
  • Assistant will do 2 App uploads per week for you.
  • Assistant wil do 2 Facebook post in your niche market or area of business per week.



R2,500 p/m

  • Everything in Gold
  • Local SEO for your Business 
  • SEO spend can be increased, we just believe that spending less than R1,000 on SEO is a waste of your money.
  • Maintaining your website to stay SEO friendly if it was build by FSB Websites.


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